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Children's Yoga

2-8 years

Children's yoga is a continuation of baby and toddler yoga allowing children to fun in a relaxed, creative environment.  As the children are now more mobile and able to take instruction the class takes on a more recognisable "yoga" form with 

breathwork, traditional yoga poses but with lots of games and play too.  Yoga is great for children. Yoga helps enhance concentration and boost their attention span, improve flexibility and balance and tones their muscles making them less likely to sprain or fracture in falls, improves their general well-being both mentally and physically and improves their confidence and relaxes their minds. Yoga helps children relax and destress, giving them tools to help them cope with the pressures of school life and growing up.


  • Notice of 24 hours must be given if cancelling a class.

  • Full payment will be required if notice is given later than this.

  • Course fees cannot be reduced or refunded if you miss or cannot make any classes but you are welcome to join another class, availability permitting, to make up your total for the course.



  • Promotes strength, flexibility & balance

  • Loving and playful contact

  • Fun with your child in a relaxed & creative environment

  • Positive shared routine

  • Opportunity to meet and build lasting support with other mums

  • Each class is 60 minutes


Karen is a fantastic instructor and really seeks to make a bond with each child- for example remembering favourite colours etc!
— Lisa-Marie