Working with the Root Chakra

This week in class we will be looking at and working with the root chakra (also called the base chakra). This chakra helps us feel grounded, satisfied and comfortable in our own skin. We feel healthy, have loads of energy and feel that life is good. If the chakra is out of balance, it can make us feel anxious, physically weak, ill, with problems with the knees, feet and legs, maybe digestive problems or a feeling of being ungrounded. It may lead to hoarding, being set in your ways and feeling emotionally vulnerable.

What can you do to help get back in balance?

Eat Red Food

Every time you eat something red, set the intention for it to ground and nourish your root chakra.

Get Moving

Go for a walk, take the stairs anything that can add some exercise to your daily routine.

Connect with your feet

Your feet connect you to the ground, so try massaging your feet, maybe get some reflexology or walk around the house barefoot.


For extra grounding, imagine roots coming out of the soles of your feet and connecting to to the centre of the earth.