New Life, New Beginnings and Change


As we move into March our focus in class moves to consider New Life, New Beginnings and Change.  The days are getting longer, the plants are starting to awaken from their hibernation of winter, growing in strength as the energy of the earth increases. The landscape that was barren over winter is starting to once again be filled with life. The change of the season once again gives us an opportunity to reflect on changes that we want to make in our lives as we tap into the increasing energy around us. We can start to put in place ideas and plans to allow those changes to occur. Consider how many changes have already occurred in your life, how many times you have felt uncertain about those changes and have fought to stop them or tried to ignore them only for them to happen anyway. Once again our yoga mats are a great place to explore and work with the challenge of change or to help root and ground us when the insecurity of change makes us feel anxious. The underpinning philosophy of yoga to accept, let go and surrender to what is happening in our bodies, our breath and our minds can help us deal with the natural flow and rhythm of life. To flow with life and to allow the seeds that we planted to grow and bloom.

Over March we will be using the sessions together to open up to and surrender to change.

Karen xx