Recharging,reflecting and connecting


The holidays are great, they give you time out from your daily schedule, the activities that you do day in and day out often on automatic pilot. They give you the opportunity to stop and recharge. This is exactly what I managed to do this year in the lovely surroundings of Somerset with my family and dogs. I had the opportunity to read a book, catch up reading magazines I had bought last year, colour with my children, spend time with my husband, do a bit of yoga for myself and go for long walks in nature with my furry companions too. It was wonderful to stop and be absorbed in it all. I was able to forget about everything, the responsibilities, the day to day for a week. It was just what I needed. The trouble was when I returned. I am sure I am not alone. The wonder of the holiday quickly disappeared in piles of washing, being back at work, a house to keep in order and all that is involved in preparing for my kids going back to school. All too soon I was starting to feel overwhelmed again by it, I stopped getting on my own mat, taking time out to enjoy all that was around me. Then I took the kids swimming – they had been wanting to go for ages and for an afternoon I was completely present, completely connected and the peace from the holiday in Somerset returned. I had stopped again, was doing something that nurtured me.

When it all gets too much we need to take a moment to step back, to breathe, may be to step into our yoga mats and reconnect with now. Sometimes the hardest thing to do in midst of it all is to stop, to work out what is really important to you, what are you doing that is not nurturing your wellbeing and then make a changes.

In the midst of feeling overwhelmed this week I received the following article in an email to my inbox – it was like someone or something was trying to tell me something.

‘Simplifying your Schedule’ by Madisyn Taylor

So as you head into Autumn, prepare to get kids back to school, return from holiday and get back to work or simply have been feeling that it is all too much may be it is time to stop, take a good look at your lives and start nurturing the things that nuture yourself.

Recharge, review and reconnect

Enjoy the article too!

Karen x