Being vs Doing - the reasons that might be stopping you

It can often be very difficult to “be” in a world of “do”. We can have the best of intentions to stay present, to keep the sense of balance and connection to all around us that we get on our yoga mat or our meditation cushion, but then daily life happens and we “forget” that sense of enjoyment and aliveness that we had. In class we have been exploring some of the reasons for this “forgetfulness”. It could be that we want to be valued and so our self-worth is linked to our accomplishments; we have an inner critic that relentlessly and constantly pushes us, compares us to others; we are scared of losing control – I mean what would happen if we didn’t cross off anything on our to-do list for a day or too? – we are scared of slowing down, doing less – what would that mean? Or may be we have a strong demarcation between our “being” time and our “doing” time. We can permit ourselves to have some time on our mat but then we are too busy at other times to “be” and then it may be that we lack commitment or motivation to stay present.

Do any of these resonate with you? can you identify what it is that holds you back from “being”, can you “do” less, take a step back and see what happens?

There will be more opportunities to take a step back and explore this concept of “being” and not “doing” in class over the next few weeks too .

Until then I leave you with these words from the Bhagavad Gita

“Not even for a moment can anyone remain without performing actions. Everyone is unwittingly made to act by the primary qualities born of nature.”


Karen x