Booking Information Q&A 

Block booking your classes: what you need to know before you book 

Booking a block of classes reserves your place in class each week for the duration of that booking period and is cheaper than coming on an ad hoc basis.
Before you book your block of classes, look ahead in your schedule to see if you have any diary clashes coming up. With enough notice I can usually fit you into an alternative class, but I cannot guarantee you a space. 
Here are some frequently asked questions that hopefully will cover most queries.


I am due to come to class tonight but something has cropped up and I am not going to make it. Should I call you? 

Yes please! 07801491395 but please bear in mind that I teach privately and have family commitments between 3.30pm and 7.30pm.
If you are able to give me any warning at all that you are not coming I might be able to alert another student who is on stand-by for a catch up place. I can also then try to schedule you a catch up session.


I had a last minute work/travel/childcare/personal or health emergency and did not get chance to let you know I was not going to make it, can I still catch up my class? 

Sadly, no. Remember that your booking reserves your space in that class on that day, and if you are unable to let me know you are not coming then your space will be left empty, and cannot be used for another student to take a catch up session.

The best analogy is buying theatre tickets: if you buy a ticket in advance then your seat is reserved, and if you don’t get there, then your seat stays empty and you will not be offered a refund. I am not unsympathetic to the last minute disasters that befall us all, but the bottom line is that I am running a business, and like most people I have bills to pay and a family to support.


I am going on holiday during the next booking block what can I do? 

If you give me the dates you are going to be away, I will try to fit you in for some extra classes either before you go away, or when you get back (or both) so you could be taking two classes a week to make up for the sessions you will miss.
Alternatively you might decide not to book this block and go on a waiting list to get back into the class at some future point.


My work schedule does not follow a regular pattern, so I won’t be able to make the same class every week. Can I just turn up at a different class each week? 

No, all classes are booked, there is no ‘drop-in’ availability. If you know your schedule in advance then I will do everything I can to book you in for catch up classes.


I am part way through a booking block and my circumstances have changed and I can no longer get to my usual class. Can I get a refund for the rest of the block or switch to another day? 

I will do all I can to switch you over to another class for the remainder of the booking block, but I do not offer refunds.
If a new student is able to take on the rest of your block then I will organise a transfer of funds to you for the sessions that have been sold on.


I booked my block of classes but have now fallen ill/had an accident/lost my job and would like a refund. 

Your booking is non-refundable, but I will use my discretion in cases of serious health issues or financial crisis.


I can’t commit to the next block of classes, but can I reserve a place in the following block as I don’t want to lose my place? 

If you are unable to commit to a block then that place will be allocated to the next student on the waiting list. Therefore you cannot book places in a future block of classes but you can go on a waiting list and I will let you know as soon as a place comes up.


I only want to book part of the next block, is that possible? 

No, bookings can only be taken for the full block. You are welcome to contact me on the day you would like to attend and if there is space you can pay the ad hoc class fee, £12 for 90 mins £10 for 75 min class. These places can only be booked on the day subject to availability.