Our yoga time is a time and space in the week where I bring loving attention to whatever is going on in me at that moment – while Karen is leading us in her loving way through the poses. Our class is also a little community of yoga friends. I miss it if I miss a class!
— Viv – almost a sixty-something feeling full of life

A busy businessman and has-been runner, in three part harmony;
1. What I enjoy – It is the best time of my working week – it gets me out of the busyness to feel relaxed, de-stressed and able to focus, while that lasts, on those things more important to me than work – its enabled the has-been runner to run again (a bit), which gets me out of the busyness to feel relaxed ……….

2. What I wish – that I could do it more often (and haven’t given up hope on that).

3. What I endorse – everything Viv says

In short “It’s all GOOD”
— Kevin

Karen’s welcoming class re-ignited my love of yoga
— Jane, stressed Outreach Manager

Karen is a wonderful teacher: knowledgeable, down-to-earth and full of warmth and positivity. Karen gives every student individual attention during the class, advising on how to adapt poses to best suit individual needs and abilities.

I found the classes to be friendly and fun. Each class included stretching and strengthening exercises, practising breathing techniques, and a guided relaxation to finish.
— Anita

Karen is excellent teacher, her manner and the mood of the class is welcome and relaxing….very helpful when you are nervous that your baby will scream the class down!
— pippa

I am impressed I have been with the quality of Karen’s yoga classes. She really is a very good instructor and her classes have very much enhanced my start to motherhood.
— Rachel – new mum

This is a lovely class that we both really enjoy. Sometimes it is a bit of a struggle to get there for 9:30 but it forces me to get up early and get organised, which is quite useful on Fridays!
— Alison – mother to Issac

The class is great for bonding with your baby and things that you can do at home.
— Phoebe – mother to Barney

I have to say thank you SO MUCH Karen for preparing me, the yoga techniques l have learnt helped a lot! At home l did lots of figure of 8 leaning on my ball and when l got to hospital l was 8cm dilated... unfortunately she was back to back but my golden thread breath helped me get through it and get her out! I don’t think l would have managed it if it wasn’t for what l learnt in yoga!
— Natalie

I second that Karen. I didn’t use pain killers at all, not even gas and air. It was just your breathing technique and birthing ball.

Although l may be back next week, just to say I’ve really enjoyed coming to yoga each week and have found your humour and down-to-earth approach really reassuring. The balance between personal interaction and yoga practice has been great. Thank you.
— adele

Karen has been instructing once a week yoga sessions at Vision Engineering since October 17. Vision Engineering is a manufacturer of optical & digital instrumentation, with 120 busy staff. Karen regularly attracts 10-14 members of staff to her sessions (i.e. about 10%). The participants range in age from 21 to early 60’s and widely in flexibility & fitness. The ratio of men to women is about 60-40 (more men). Karen has a light touch and a very engaging style which is popular. She also explains the philosophy of yoga as she goes and has a progressive structure, introducing more complex moves when appropriate. She mixes more physical yoga moves with slower, meditative periods, which suits a wide range of capabilities and makes everyone feel that they have had a good workout and mental rebalance. All the participants have commented on how much they feel they have benefitted, physically and mentally from the sessions. Karen has contributed significantly to the level of staff wellbeing and satisfaction and is a significant asset to the Company
— Vision Engineering