Welcome to Samanya Yoga. Samanya comes from the Sanscrit language, meaning “common” and this reflects the basis & intention for my teaching. I want it to reach out to everyone regardless of their age, gender, size and ability.

My name is Karen Wilson, and I have been studying and practicing yoga for over ten years. I started practising in Chicago as a means of meeting people whilst I was on assignment with my job. On my return to the UK I continued my practice, attending various classes whilst continuing my corporate job.


In 2009 I decided to re-order my life and combine my passion for yoga with the desire for a ‘career’. In the short term, this meant studying to teach yoga whilst I continued in my corporate role. Upon completion of my teaching diploma, I cut the ties to the 9-5 job and gave 100% focus to my new career as a Yogini - and I haven’t looked back since.


I teach yoga classes in and around the Woking area in Surrey both for private tuition and public classes. The theme for all my classes is based in the ancient wisdom of yoga, and suitable for all students.






What is Yoga?


This seems such a simple question and the simple answer is that yoga is a system that uses breath work and body movement. However the broad banner of yoga incorporates many different styles and methods and yoga can mean different things to different people. In essence yoga can help:



  • Tone and strengthen the body

  • Increase flexibility

  • Calm the mind and promote inner peace

  • Encourage a positive state of mental and physical well being

  • Explore aspects of ancient yoga philosophy



Many people start yoga as a means to keep their bodies fit, lean, and free from pain,and are often pleasantly surprised to find that over time they also experience other benefits as a result such as respite from anxiety, stress and depression, and improved sleep.


Yoga can be a way of life, a way of living, why not come and find out what it can be to you?


New Class Schedule - from 1st February class Tuesday and Thursday evening 7.45pm-9.15pm

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